To Carry on Syracuse System Started Last Year by Herbert

Irving B. Lydecker of New York City, former Syracuse mentor, has been appointed coach of the University lacrosse team for the coming season to succeed L. F. Herbert, according to the authorities of the H. A. A. Although Mr. Lydecker will not be able to arrive at Cambridge until March 19, Manager C. T. Crosby '25 has announced that regular practice for the University and Freshman candidates will begin next Monday, March 16.

Mr. Lydecker, who has played with the Crescent Athletic Club for the past two years, will continue the Syracuse system of coaching which was instituted at the University last year by Coach Herbert. The outlook for success in the coming season, and especially in the contest with Yale on May 23, is extremely bright Last year Yale had the greatest difficulty in overcoming the Crimson twelve by one point in an extra period of play.

Seven games have been arranged for this year schedule by Manager C. T. Crosby '25. There will be two trips, on to Union and one to Yale at the close of the season.