In the Graduate Schools

Beale Pays Tribute to Resigning Law School Professor

In a tribute to Eugene Wambaugh '76, Langdell Professor of Law, whose resignation from the Law School Faculty was recently announced, Professor Joseph Henry Beale '82, Royall Professor of Law, yesterday spoke of Professor Wambaugh as one of the men who, under Langdell and Ames, built up the Law School and brought it to its present high standing.

Professor Beale's statement follows:

"Professor Wambaugh came to the Law School in 1892 from the University of Iowa, where he had taught for two years. He has taught principally the law of Agency and of Insurance, Constitutional Law, and International Law. During the war he was Colonel in the Judge Advocate General's department, having charge of the department of Constitutional and International Law. He is one of the most learned of legal scholars, a clear and interesting teacher, and a delightful writer on legal topics. He is the oldest of the small group of men now alive who taught in the Law School while Langdell and Ames were deans.

"Personally Professor Wambaugh is a charming companion, both learned and witty. He will be greatly missed both as a teacher and as a member of the Faculty."