The names of nearly 100 members of the University who have been appointed to act as collectors in the Student Friendship drive were announced last night by J. C. McGlone '26, chairman of the drive. A meeting of these men at the Varsity Club this evening at 7 o'clock will formally launch the campaign. The drive will close at room on Saturday.

In explaining the purpose of the drive, the committee has emphasized the fact that the fund collected is not given for "charity" in the ordinary sense of the word. The spirit of the donation is one of cooperative help rather than alms giving. The money is devoted in the greater part to establishing institutions which will, enable the poverty-stricken students to support themselves while they carry on their study.

The committee has further announced that any changes or resignations from the list of collectors must be made not later than the initial meeting this evening.

The list of men who have been chosen to handle the collection follows: Apley Court  C. W. Hillard '26 Apthrop House  M. H. Clifford '27 Beck Hall 1-27  J. D. Baldwin Jr. '25 31-47  N. T. Peck 1G.B. 9 Bow Street  A. J. Cassett '27 Claverly 1-11  J. H. Halsted '26 12-22  J. L. Newell Jr. '26 23-33  F. P. Weymer '26 34-44  F. M. Sedgwick '27 45-55  Winthrop Wetherbee '26 Conant Hall 3-15  O. H. Taylor 2G. 16-24  William Ellis 2G. 25-36  C. W. Eduards 3G. 37-48  R. L. Olson 2G. Dana Chambers 21-34  J. W. Brown '27 35-49  W. S. Stone '26 Drayton Hall  J. R. Dean '27 Divinity Hall  R. S. Fanning 21. Dunster Hall 14-34  William Ehrlich '25 35-56  J. deBruyn Kopps '26 54 Dunster St.  Richard Collins Jr. '26 Gore Hall Entry A  J. F. Sinott '28 Entry B  W. N. Bump '28 Entry C  W. H. Jones '28 Entry D  A. O. Fordyee '28 Entry E  H. G. Cushing '28 Grays Hall East  B. F. R. Bassett '25 Middle  J. E. Bunting Jr. '26 West  J. G. Cushman '25 Harvard Union  Paul Altmann '26 Hollis Hall South  E. G. Lowry Jr. '25 North  G. P. Baker Jr. '25

Holworthy HallWest  Merrill Garcelon '23Middle  Alden Briggs '25East  C. T. Larson '25Holyoke House26-36  E. H. Bradford '2637-47  F. B. Turner '265 Linden Street  N. S. Howe '26Lowell House  Horace Bowker Jr. '2759 Mt. Auburn St.  Howard Slade Jr. '2760 Mt. Auburn St.  A. D. Phillips '2668 Mt. Auburn St.  J. R. Burke '27Matthews Hall1-10  A. G. Rogers '2611-20  R. S. Lee '2621-30  A. D. Hoffman '2531-40  P. E. Mosely '2641-50  L. H. Roots '2651-60  F. P. Taft '2622 Plympton St.  J. F. Whitbeck '2728 Plympton St.  Franklin Holls '27Randolph Hall1-8  D. C. Gates '269-16  C. J. Henderson '2617-29  P. W. Williams '2530-39  Lawrence Coolidge '2740-50  F. V. Field '2751-70  H. R. Jones '26Ridgely Hall  B. H. Dickson '27Russell Hall1-12  L. O. Pratt '2613-24  H. H. MacCubbin '26Russell Annex  H. V. S. Ogden '27Stoughton Hall1-16  E. G. Metzdorf '2617-32  W. C. Kennard '25Shepard Hall  M. H. Bragdon '28George Smith HallEntry A  W. E. G. Gallwey '28Entry B  R. B. O. Hocking '28Entry C  John Watts '28James Smith HallEntry A  W. G. Saltonstall '28Entry B  W. A. Magie '28Entry C  J. C. Drier '28Persis Smith HallEntry A  R. I. Hunneman '28Entry B  Dudley Ball '28Entry C  B. C. Tripp '28Standish HallEntry A  A. H. O'Neil '28Entry B  J. N. Barbee Jr. '28Entry C  Langdon Dearborn '28Entry D  Alexander Shaw '28Entry E  J. B. Robinson '28Thayer Hall1-10  H. S. Wober '2511-20  R. A. Durham '2521-31  E. G. Gebelein '2532-44  Theodore Sedgwick Jr. '2