Squad Leaving Sunday Will Make Home at Cottage Club--Two Shells to Accompany Oarsmen

The trip to Princeton which will be made by the first two University crews will begin officially on Sunday night and will last through the Easter vacation. Only members of Crews X and Y, accompanied by Coach Stevens, C. H. Weymer '27 as manager, and Edgar Dennison as rigger, will make the trip. There will be no rowing for these crews on Saturday.

While in Princeton, the University contingent will make its headquarters at the Cottage Club and take meals at the Princeton training table. The crews will row twice daily, at 10.30 o'clock in the morning and at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The management has provided for the transportation to Princeton of two of the University shells in order to obviate the possibility of any delay owing to the strangeness of a shell to which the crews are unaccustomed. It is understood that during the trip no race of any kind will be held with the Princeton eights.

On April 23, the members of the University crews will be the guests of Mr. O. D. Filley '06, the representative from New York on the rowing committee, at a dinner in Bernardville, N. J. Mr. Filley rowed on the University crew in 1903, 1904, 1905, and 1906. He also played on the football team in 1904.

The final practice will be held on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday the men will return to Cambridge. The following is the list of Crews X and Y as they are rowing at present:

Crew X--Stroke, Robert Winthrop '26; 7, Kent Leavitt '26; 6, J. P. Hubbard '26; 5, G. R. Johnson '25; 4, C. F. Darlington '26; 3, Geoffrey Platt '27; 2, R. W. Ladd '27; bow, S. B. Kelly '25; cox., C. S. Heard '25.


Crew Y--Stroke, J. H. Perkins '27; 7, J. R. Barry '27; 6, C. O'D. Iselin '26; 5, D. C. Gates '26; 4, W. J. Milde '25; 3, V. F. Righter '26; 2, Elisha Canning '26; bow, G. D. Krumbhaar '26; cox., H. P. Travis '27.