Dean Edgell Says Famous Artist Gave Harvard Not Only Works of Art but Intense Interest Also

The University has suffered a great loss in the death of John Singer Sargent Art. D. Hon. '16, said Dean G. H. Edgell '09 discussing Mr. Sargent's recent death, in a statement to the CRIMSON.

Mr. Sargent, long connected unofficially with the Department of Fine Arts and known to the University particularly for his decorations in Widener, and his portraits of President Eliot and President Lowell, long had an intense interest in art in the University and deep appreciation of its viewpoint.

Dean Edgell's statement follows:

"In the death of John Singer Sargent, Harvard has suffered a real loss. He has, of course, done important work for the University. One thinks immediately of the decorations in the Widener Library and of the portraits of President Eliot and President Lowell. What is less known and really more important is the constant interest which Mr. Sargent had in the University and his sympathy with the University point of view.

"In active instances, he encouraged youthful artists to enter the College and qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, feeling that a liberal education was quite as important for an artist as for anyone else."

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