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The second day of the Student Friendship Fund drive came to a close last night with an unexpectedly small amount of returns. The committee which is directing the campaign had hoped to reach its quota of $4,000 by last evening but the returns so far have fallen far short of expectations.

The committee believes that much of this poor showing is due to the fact that, on account of hour examinations and other causes, the collectors have been unable to reach many of the men on their lists. For this reason, although the official closing hour of the drive is today at noon, the collectors will be given until Monday evening to complete their canvass.

May Subscribe By Mail

In spite of the intensive effort which the collectors will make to reach everyone before Monday, the committee has announced that they feel that there still may be some, especially those outside of University dormitories who may not be reached and who would like to make individual contributions through the committee members. Such contributions will be received by the chairman, J. C. McGlone '26 at the Varsity Club, by S. W. Bridges Jr. '26, at 6 Russell Hall, F. W. Fay '26 at 131 Westmorley Court, or R. H. Field '26 at 53 Randolph Hall. They may be delivered either by mail or in person.

The committee seems unable to account for the seeming lack of response among the undergraduates. During the four years that the drive has been carried on the amount subscribed has always exceeded the quota set and last year went $2,000 beyond the goal. It feels, however, that the general lassitude may be in some degree due to the fact that the drive is coming later in the year than usual and that its importance and worth have not been sufficiently called to the University's attention. Especially the Freshmen have failed to meet the standard set by former first-year classes.

In spite of the very slow progress, the Committee members are no means discouraged as to the final results of their drive and believe the subscription will come up to their expection with an extra day to make their appeal.

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