Dr. Allport Makes Unique Ratings of Personality

On tag day for benefit of charities or schools have you been tagged when you really did not want to be? Frequently? Occasionally? Never?

At a reception-or tea do you seek to meet the most important person present?

A salesman takes manifest trouble to show you a quantity of merchandise; though you are entirely suited, do you purchase?

Have you been asked, or have you volunteered to solicit funds for a cause in which you are interested? Do you feel reluctant to do such soliciting?

Beggars solicit you with hard luck stories. Do you give them money?


Do you feel that any older members of your family, of your relatives, or any older friend of childhood, dominates you against your will?

Do you feel self-conscious in the presence of superiors in the academic or business world?

Do you disapprove of the custom of tipping as prevalently practiced? Do you customarily tip in the usual places according to convention? Do you usually feel conspicuous or embarrassed when you fail to meet the expectations of the beneficiary?

Have you gone hatless, worn knickers, or followed any style of dress merely because you wished to, even though you knew that the practice would be commented on, since the innovation you proposed was not according to custom?

Have you crossed the street to avoid meeting some person?

Have you haggled over prices with tradesmen or junk men?

In a barber chair, have you been persuaded to have more tonsorial attention than you really wanted (e. g. shampoo, massage, tonic)? Do you find it difficult to say No to the barber?

On the back platform of a crowded street car, in answer to the conductor's question from inside the car, All right, back there? have you answered, All right!?

You desire to board a boat or train to see a friend off, or to enter an exhibition or park; the guard forbids you on what seem to be entirely unnecessary technicalities, do you argue with him or bluff your way past?

When you were 10-12 years of age were you the goat for your playmates? In playing war would they force you to fight on the unpopular side?