Cambridge Police Call Attention to Most Abused Rules--Fines of $5 and $10 to Be Imposed Freely in Future

Cambridge police have entered upon a campaign of law enforcement which can end only in arrests unless students obey parking regulations.

Police officers have been tagging more than 50 cars a day since the first of the month. If these warnings go unnoticed, the captain will be forced to order arrests, he declared last night.

Have Been Extremely Lenient

Extreme leniency has always been granted to students owning parked cars, but recent abuses of this leniency have evoked complaints from the general public. For night parking beyond a reasonable length of time, judged to be one hour, on a public street the fine will be at least $5. For night parking without lights owners, will be haled into court without a first warning and a fine of $10 may be imposed.

The Cambridge police call to the attention of students the following rules, which have been most frequently abused:


No vehicle shall be permitted to park in the easterly side of Quincy Street.

Between 7 in the morning and 6 at night no vehicle, unless duly licensed, i.e. taxis, shall be left standing in any part of Harvard Square, or in Boylston Street, north of Mt. Auburn Street, or in Brattle Street east of Brattle Square, more than 20 minutes.

No vehicle shall be parked within 20 feet of Harvard Square on any of the following streets: Brattle Dunster and Boylston, or within 20 feet of Massachusetts Avenue on Church or Holyoke Streets.

Only parallel parking on Brattle Street, between Brattle Square and Harvard Square.

Parallel parking in Harvard Square, on Massachusetts Avenue between Church and Quincy Streets, or on Boylston Street north of Mt. Auburn.

Dunster is the only one-way street upon which cars may park on both sides of the street.

Every car left parked after dark must show at least one white light in front and a red light on the rear. Failure to observe this rule will be severely punished.