Kohler, Ape Expert, to Teach Gestalt Psychology-Ferguson, Morison, and More Will Also Join Teaching Corps

Harvard will have some of the most distinguished scholars in the world among the new professors who will come to the University to teach next fall, it was disclosed by the issue yesterday of the Courses of Instruction for 1925-26.

In the departments of Classical Philology, a course in Hellenistic Philosophy will be given by Dr. Paul Elmer More A. M.'93, and in Fine Arts, Puig I Cadafalch will give a course in the romanesque' art of Catalonia.

The English Department will be enriched by the coming of Dr. William Lawrence from England to teach the history of the Elizabethan stage, and in History Professor William Scott Ferguson and Professor Samuel Eliot Morison '08 will each take courses. In the Philosophy and Psychology Department Dr. Maurice deWulf will return to teach and Professor Wolfgang Kohler will come to the University.

Catalan Authority to Give Course

The acquisition of Professor Puig I Cadafalch is a great step for the University. The importance of this versatile Spaniard is shown by the statement of Professor A. Kingsley Porter, Professor of Fine Arts, who declared yesterday: "Puig, I Cadafalch, architect, archaeologist, statesman, and writer, was for many years president of the Mancumanitat in Barcelona, where he took active part in political questions of the day. He was also one of the leading spirits in building up the Institute of Catalan Studies, Which has become an exceedingly important centre for research, especially in artistic and archaeological fields.


"He is an architect of great distinction, having erected notable buildings in various parts of Spain and South America, as well as in Barcelona. Puig I Cadafalch was in charge of the buildings for the International Exposition

at Barcelona, at the time when the project was abandoned.

"He is the author of many works on Catalan antiquities, and his book on the romanesque architecture of Catalonia is the authoritative work on that important subject. He is personally identified with the Barcelona Museum, which is one of the leading collections of Europe. In the winter of 1924-25, he lectured at the Sorbonne in Paris."

The course to be given by Professor Puig I Cadafalch is a half-course in the second half-year entitled "Romanesque Art of Catalonia." His lectures will be in French.

Professor Wolfgang Kohler, who will join the Department of Psychology, is a figure upon whom the eyes of all students of psychology are turned. At the early age of 38, he has done work of the most brilliant sort in experimental psychology and has been the leader of "Gestalt Psychology", a new and radical development in the field.

Professor Kohler has made a specialty of animal psychology, in particular having studied the mentality of apes in Africa in the years just before the war. He is spending one year in the United States and is at present at Clark University in Worcester. During the first half of next year he will give a seminary in psychology on the subject of "Gestalt Psychology."

Lowes Praises Elizabethan Scholar

Dr. William Lawrence, who will join the English Department next year, was acclaimed yesterday in the most laudatory terms by Professor J. L. Lowes A.M. '03, Chairman of the English Department.

"Dr. Lawrence," declared Professor Lowes, "is in my estimation the foremost scholar of the world on the subject of Elizabethan drama. It is by the greatest good fortune that we have been able to procure his services for the University."

Dr. Lawrence is at present in Stratford-on-Avon. He will give a middle group course next year, probably on the history of the Elizabethan stage.

Absentees Return to University

Professor Maurice de Wulf is a professor in the University, but he has been away for two years on leave of absence. For twelve years he was secretary to Cardinal Mercier and succeeded him as Professor of Philosophy at Louvain, Belgium, where he has spent the past two years. He will teach Medieval Philosophy, one of the most difficult of college courses, and also the course on Problems in Scholastic Ethics and Aesthetics.

Professor Samuel Eliot Morison '08 will return to the University to teach history after an absence of three years, during which he held the Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professorship of American History at Oxford University. Professor Morison is one of the rising historians of the country. After taking his A.B. and Ph.D. at Harvard, he took an A.M. from Oxford and later attended the Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris. His published writings include historical works of considerable consequence.

Professor William Scott Ferguson will return to the teaching of ancient history after half a year spent as Exchange Professor to Western Colleges and half a year spent in travel through Northern Africa and Europe. Professor Ferguson is a member of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has published many works on Greek culture and civilization.

Dr. Paul Elmer More, who will come to the University next fall to give a course in Hellenistic Philosophy, is one of the country's most brilliant philologists, as well as being an editor and author known universally for his writings. He is now editor of The Nation and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He taught Sanskrit at Harvard in 1894, later taught at Bryn Mawr, and subsequently became Literary Editor of The Independent, and The New York Evening Post. Professor More has published 11 volumes of "Shelburne Essays" and numerous philosophical works