The Why of the Crowd


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

As it was necessary to refuse general admittance to the address on Evolution by William Jennings Bryan at the Phillips Brooks House under the auspices of the Harvard Christian Association, I feel that, in justice to the Christian Association, it should be said that the admission was limited because of the lack of space.

Moreover, the Association tried to get the use of the New Lecture Hall, but the college office would not grant the request. In addition to this, although Mr. Bryan originally planned to speak under the auspices of the Christian Association, the Union after scheduling him for a luncheon talk, refused the use of the Living Room for the evening because they could not run two meetings on the same day.

In view of this, it was necessary to issue passes only to the number that could be admitted to Peabody Hall. H. H. MacCubbin.


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