Ten days before the Freshman Jubilee, the committee faces the problem of a closed subscription list and a deficit even greater than that of last year. The situation has arisen through no fault of the committee, but from great gain in the number of couples attending and an unusual falling off in the number of stags. For a week the ticket sale will be continued for stags, but the price will be raised to $5.

As a consequence of the situation the committee declares it probable that a small extra charge may be made for supper tickets. Tickets will be required of each supper guest. Stags will be served a buffet, supper in the dining room. All Freshmen not attending the Jubilee will be served supper in the Gore dining hall.

Records New Changes

Lacking all records from past committees the present Jubilee Committee is leaving a complete account of its work, and particularly its innovations. Many minor changes have been made this year, particularly in the matter of return checks. The Boylston Street gate to the Smith Quadrangle will be opened at 6 o'clock, but no return checks will be given there.

Beginning at 7 o'clock, and continuing until 11.30 o'clock, return checks will be given out, but at the Dunster Street entrance only.


Gym To Be Dressing Room

At 4.30 o'clock in the afternoon the proctors in Smith and Standish Halls will clear their entries of all who have not signified their intention of staying in their rooms, rather than attending the Jubilee. All Freshmen attending the Jubilee will use rooms in Standish and Smith for their coats. Dressing rooms for girls will be arranged in the Freshman gymnasium.

Breed and Lowe To Play

Bert Lowe, in person, and nine members of his first-string orchestras will furnish half the dance music. They will be supplemented by Purley Breed's nine piece orchestra. The competition for hall choruses will precede supper, and the announcement of the winner will immediately follow supper.