Believes Ecclesiastical Appearance of Memorial Hall Could Be Enhanced to Form Suitable Place of Worship

That Memorial Hall be renovated to become the chapel memorial for the men of the University who were killed in the world war, is the plea of H. M. Wheeler '06 in a recent letter to President Lowell. Mr. Wheeler, a manufacturer of Wake-field, Massachusetts, has brought forward the suggestion as being a solution to the problem of the new war memorial which is being considered by the members of the corporation.

In his letter to the President, and also in one to the CRIMSON, Mr. Wheeler suggests that by enhancing the already ecclesiastical appearance at Memorial Hall it could be changed into a place of worship most suitable to commemorate the services of Harvard's dead. It is his belief also that the necessary alterations would be few as the outside of the building is somewhat cathedral in appearance and the inside could be easily rebuilt.

Mr. Wheeler in his letter to the President states that he believes the idea of such a memorial is current among many University graduates. He adds that it has been the source of much surprise to visitors to the University that a building of such dignity as that of Memorial has, up to this time, played such a minor part in the daily life of the undergraduates.

Can Be Made Attractive

"Memorial Hall", says Mr. Wheeler, "is conspicuous in location. Appleton Chapel, or any other site in or near the Yard, could not be made to have the freedom of space and approach such as the triangle on which Memorial Hall is located. It is, furthermore, in easy reach of the students for Chapel attendance."


In conclusion Mr. Wheeler points out that Memorial Hall is already dedicated to those who died in the Civil War. "What could be more fitting"? he says, "than that the two Memorials should be combined into one building?"