HARVARD 1928  YALE 1928 Jones c.f.  c.f. McClellen Nordberg 2b.  l.f. Hammersley Pollard s.s.  s.s. Vaughn Lord 1b.  2b. Caldwell Linscott 3b.  1b. Schmidt Norris r.f.  r.f. Lapham Adams l.f.  c. Mallory Chauncey c.  3b. Brown Barbee p.  p. Schoop

Two Yale teams will invade Soldiers Field tomorrow morning at 10.45 o'clock to open the 1925 series of baseball games between the Crimson and the Blue. The 1928 team comes to play the University first year men, while the Second teams of the two Universities will clash at the same time.

Harvard 1928 Under-dog

The Crimson Freshmen will go into their game as slightly the under-dogs of the contest. A remarkably good early season of 11 wins out of 12 starts has been broken by a bad slump in which the Freshmen have dropped three games in a row, and to win tomorrow they will have to show better work in every department than that which they offered to the Brown 1928, St. John's Preparatory Academy and Andover outfits. What comparative advantage they gained by defeating an Exeter team which downed the Eli Freshmen early in the year has been lost by their showing of the past three weeks.

In both fielding and batting the Freshmen have shown improvement during their final week of practice. In a game with the first team yesterday they took the small end of a close 5 to 4 score with Cutts and Linscott, Coach Davidson's first two substitute hurlers, sharing the mound duties. The lineup has been somewhat altered with Nordberg again at second and Adams in the field and will probably be sent in that way tomorrow with Barbee in the pitching box.


Seconds Present Strongest Line-up

The Second nine will face its crucial contest of the season with practically its strongest line-up on the field. Puffer will do the hurling for Coach Lake's nine, with DeRham donning the catcher's mask. Slayton will be at first as he was in the Andover game, with Daeey, Keene and Roland completing the infield. Captain Amsden, Bennett and Allen will patrol the outfield.

The Seconds will start tomorrow morning with an imposing record of seven runs and only two defeats, those by Exeter and Andover. Puffer has been by far the most successful of the second-string pitchers, and is expected to do well against the Blue substitutes. Last year he let the Elis down with four hits, but poor support enabled the New Haven outfit to eke out a 3 to 2 win.