Ten years ago today the Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine. America needed just that shock to force active participation in the world war. The bitter wave of hatred which followed in the wake of this calamity swept America forward to the rescue of the Allied nations. It was for is great cause.

But ten years is a long time; in that space wrongs may be righted and insults avenged. In spite of French suspicious. Germany today is a very prostrate, and a very humble nation. The spirit of militarism has died an enforced death.

Yet in these times of peace and plenty hatred lives on, eating its way into the core of patriotism. Under the guise of national devotion. America still nourishes her pre war malice, keeping it going with parades, anniversaries, and celebrations. The spirit that was once typical of Germany's Prussian leaders is still charged to the whole nation.

The best interests of America demand peace; she is doing all in her power to further disarmament. And yet on the very crest of anti-war agitation the United States is unintentionally making it possible for the war feeling to live on. Today thousands of Americans are thinking of the Lusitania with renewed malice. Those who realize the danger of this attitude lack the moral courage to point it out.

It is not through any lack of patriotism or through any sympathy with Germany's militaristic regime, that one is led to condemn America's present day manifestations of patriotism. It is rather because America's future is as deeply concerned with world peace as any nations. But never can this be attained until such old grievances as the Lusitania are allowed to sink into oblivion.

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