Subject Will Probably Be Prohibition or Socialism--Three Presidents of Oxford Union on Invading Team

For the first time in the history of debating at Harvard, a team representing the University will meet Oxford. Heretofore, debates have always been restricted to undergraduates, but it was announced last night that, in order to meet the invading debaters on an equal footing, the Harvard team will be selected from the entire University.

The date of the debate was also announced last night. It will be held in Boston, probably in Symphony Hall, on the evening of October 16, 1925. The University has already submitted a proposed list of questions and although it will not be definitely decided until the Oxford debaters have replied, it seems probable now that the subject of the debate will be either "Prohibition" or "Socialism".

To Bring Famous Union Men

The personnel of the Oxford team was made known last night. It will consist of H. J. S. Wedderburn, of Balliol College, R. H. Bernays, of Worcester College, and H. V. Lloyd-Jones, of Jesus College. Lloyd-Jones is at present president of the Oxford Union, which is the historic training school for the House of Commons, while the other two members of the invading team are both ex-presidents of the Union.

The vote of the Debating Council opening the team to members of the graduate schools is expected to produce mainly if not entirely a graduate team. Undergraduate candidates for the team will be restricted to those men who are members of the Debating Council. This last restriction was made by the Debating Council because of the fact that it will be impossible to hold formal trials before the fall, and it will be necessary to organize a moderate sized squad for work over the summer.