Two Former Speakers Against Oxford Try Out--Law School Provides Five Former Debaters

With a large squad of promising candidates Coach R. P. Berle '19 of the debating team against Oxford is optimistic about the University's chances of success in the debate against the English speakers next fall. Coach Berle was in charge of the University team which defeated Oxford in Symphony Hall in the fall of 1922 and has on his squad for the debate this year one member of the victorious 1922 team and another speaker from the team of 1923.

Experienced Speakers Return

R. S. Fanning 2L., a speaker against Oxford three years ago, is on the squad for the present debate as is Philip Walker '25, who spoke against the Englishmen two years ago. While in the College Fanning participated in seven University debates, won the Pasteur medal and was awarded the Coolidge Prize. Since graduating in 1923 he has coached several successful University and Freshman teams. Walker, who graduates this year but intends to return as a law student next fall, has been in a number of debates beside the 1923 Oxford event, was president of the Debating Council and is Class Orator of the class of 1925.

In addition to these men of known experience the first turnout of candidates Friday produced a number of undergraduate debaters and former college speakers now attending the graduate schools. From these men Coach Berle is confident that he will be able to select a team which will have a good chance of repeating the 1922 victory.

Many Law Students Try Out

Among the undergraduates are D. W. Chapman '27, winner of the Coolidge prize this year and a member of two teams against Yale, and D. L. Dickson '27, who has also debated twice on University teams against the Elis. Men from other colleges who are on the squad are A. W. Billikam 2L. from Wittenberg College, R. L. Blackwell 2L. from Emory and Henry College, J. F. Blair 1L. from Haverford College, W. B. Eeilman 2L. from Haverford, and T. W. Monroe 1L. from the University of Maine.

The Debating Council announced last night that there is still room for speakers of experience on the squad. Any additional graduate students who wish to try out for the team may secure further information by applying to D. W. Chapman '27 at 51 Apley Court before Thursday