Zone System Bothers Freshmen During First Period--Burns Leads Rally That Decides Verdict

The 1929 quintet gained its second decision of the season in defeating Worcester Academy 26 to 19 at Worcester on Saturday.

At the start of the game the 1929 quintet was completely bewildered by the zone defense system used by Worcester, and also by the new floor. Their team work was ragged. Their play did not come up to the mark set in the Tilton game a week ago.

The score was close all the way through, and the first quarter ended with 1929 leading 8 to 6. Before the half ended Worcester took the lead 10-8, but Burns, Freshman pivot, caged a goal from the floor just before the whistle to bring the score to 10 to 10. At the beginning of the second half Burns scored three more goals in succession, which were the deciding factor of the game, for the third quarter ended with the first year men leading 23-14.


Worcester Stages Vain Rally

Worcester made a strong attempt to overcome this lead in the last stanza, but could only pick up two points before the game ended.


Burns excelled for the victors, and Captain Beer was the star for Worcester. Burns acted as captain of the 1929 aggregation.

The summary: HARVARD 1929  WORCESTER Railey, O'Connell r.f.  l.g. Moore Burns l.f.  r.g. Kelley Thackaberry c.  c. Whalen Robinson l.g.  r.f. Beer Jaffee, Ketchum r.g.  l.f. McCarty

Score, Harvard 1929 26, Worcester Academy 19. Goals from floor. Burns 3, Thackaberry 2, Robinson, O'Connell, Bailey, Beer 3, Kelley 2, Whalen, McCarthy. Goals from fouls, Burns 3, Thackaberry 2, Ketchum, McCarty 4, Whalen. Referee, Aldrich, Timer, Smith. Time of quarters, 10 minutes.