Almost Overcomes Huge Lead in Last Lap of Distance Relay--Close Race Goes to M. I. T. Over Short Route

The University and Freshman relay teams opened their seasons with an unimpressive victory over M. I. T. on Saturday afternoon by winning four out of the six races run on the Soldiers Field board track.

Smith Ekes out Win on Last Lap

A starting upset occurred when the University short-distance men were defeated by a close margin in their race. Miller obtained a small lead at the start, but no ground was gained by Ballantine and Burns, who followed him. The last lap was neck and neck, but Smith of M. I. T. finished just ahead of Jones, the University entrant.

The University three-lap men showed to advantage in overcoming the M. I. T. combination. Dunn, a member of last year's Freshman track team, obtained an early lead, which was materially increased by Rogers, O'Neil and Lundell.

Perhaps the best race of the afternoon was the University long-distance race. This contest was unquestionably conceded to the University at the start, but proved close at the finish. As the track team this year is exceptionally well equipped in distance men, the result proved rather disappointing. Even without Chute, star miler and cross-country man, who did not run because he found the distance too short, the Tech runners gave the University a good fight.

Captain Tibbets was the first runner in this event, and ran away to a 40 yard lead over Kirwin, the Tech representative. He was followed by Haggerty, cross-country captain-elect, whose steady stride brought him ten yards further ahead of Meagher of M. I. T. Kane, the next University man, added another ten yards on Smith, who ran third for Tech. At this time it looked as if the race was to be a walkaway, but Laness, the Tech captain, running fourth, began on the first lap to make up the sixty yards conceded to Watters of the University. Watters has not shown his best since last spring, and was hampered by injuries throughout the cross-country season. Laness continued to draw up on Watters during the next five laps, and put on a spurt on the last round, almost passing the Crimson runner, but the lead proved too great to overcome.

In the Freshman three-lap race O'Connell, a star on the football team, gave a good exhibition, although he lagged a bit on the first lap.

Pratt Wins First With Shot

Of the shot-putters who entered the Y. M. C. A. games in Boston, C. A. Pratt '28 was the only man to place, getting first place in his event with a heave of 42 feet 1-2 inches. He had a handicap of three feet.

The summary:

Freshman One-Lap Won by M. I. T.: Barrington. Lianso. Danner. Berman. Time, 1m., 6 2-5s.

University One-Lap Won by M. I. T.: Wiebe. Tonry. Steinbrenner. K. E. Smith Time, 1m., 45s.

Freshman Three Lap Won by Harvard: O'Cornell, Coleman. Dorman. Huleman. Time, 3m., 41 1-5s.

University Three-Lap Won by Harvard: Dunn. Rogers. O'Neil. Lundel! Time, 3m., 6 2-5s.

Freshman Six-Lap Won by Harvard: Waters. Hartnett. Driver. Smith. Time, 8m., 40s.

University Six-Lap Won by Harvard Tibbets, Kane, Haggerty, Watters, Time, 8m. flat.