The 1929 basketball five came through with its fourth consecutive win of the season when it defeated Cushing Academy, 38 to 25 on the home floor on Saturday afternoon. A superior passing game was the keynote of the Crimson victory.

Filoon started the game in place of Thackaberry, who had been at the pivot position at the initial toss-up of all the other contests. He scored five baskets from the floor during the course of the afternoon, the same number as his teammate Burns. O'Connell followed along closely, with four to his credit.

Never in Danger

The Crimson first year men started fast and from the opening whistle were never in danger. The fast short passing attack worked smoothly and the winners wove their way through the Cushing guards for numerous attempts close under the back boards. Filoon, the rangy Freshman pivot, held a slight advantage in the jump at center and succeeded in getting the tip off to his team mates on a majority of the plays.

Burns, the shifty 1929 floor guard, was up and down the court in rapid succession finding the net for five clean tosses and checking his forward in good style. O'Connell whose speed has been a valuable asset to the squad in one of the forward berths, worked well in combination with Filoon and Bailey, and succeeded in caging four goals from the floor.

The summary: HARVARD 1929  CUSHING Bailey, Filoon, Valentine r.f.  l.g. Watkins O'Connell, Mahoney, l.f.  r.g. Jones Filoon, Thackaberry c.  c. Poehler, Coburn Burns, Hall r.g.  l.f. Morris, Jackson Ketchum, Robinson, Jaffe, Keyes l.g.  r.f. Hivowen, Runazza

Score, Harvard 1929 38, Cushing Academy 25. Goals from the floor, Burns 5, Filoon 5, O'Connell 4, Thackaberry 3, Bailey, Hall, Morris 8, Poehler, Jones, Watkins. Goals from fouls, Hirvowen, Morris, Poehler. Referee, Souders. Time of quarters, ten minutes.