In the Graduate Schools

Kohler Named Acting Dean in Place of Chase Who Leaves on European Trip

Professor Elmer P. Kohler, Abbot and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry, has been named acting dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for the second half of the current academic year, during the absence of Dean George H. Chase '96, who will spend his leave abroad, it was made known by the University office yesterday along with the announcement of the granting of leaves of absence to four other professors in the University.

Professor Kohler, who graduated from Munjenburg College, Pennsylvania, in 1886 and received his Doctor's degree at johns Hopking University six years later, came to the University as Professor of Chemistry in 1912, after 12 years as professor at Bryn Mawr. He served on the Administrative Board of the Graduate School for several years, and during the World War was a member of the Chemical Warfare Service.

For the purpose of studying the effects of the depreciated currency on the internal credit obligations of Spain, Italy, and Greece, Associate Professor Arthur S. Dewings, of the Graduate School of Business Administration, will make a tour of the south of Europe during his leave of absence, which has been granted by the University for the second half of this year.

During the last half of next year Dean Willard L. Sperry of the Theological School will spend his leave in England where he will take up his residence at Oxford University. On the invitation of Principal L. P. Jaohs, he will give a short course of special lectures in Manehester College, Oxford, during the spring term.

In the Law School Professors Zachariah Chafes and Manley O. Hudson '07, have been granted leaves of absence for the whole of 1926-27 academic year, and in the college. Professor Andre Morize will be on leave during the first half of the year.