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After a day's rest following the McGill contest last Saturday night, the University hockey team was given a short workout yesterday on the Arena ice, preparatory to the meeting with the formidable Toronto skaters at the Boston Arena tomorrow night. The Crimson puck men, who showed a marked reversal from early season form in playing the strong McGill six to a standstill, are in good condition, and are rapidly reaching the peak of their game.

The same line-up which faced the Canadian team in New York last Saturday, took the ice first yesterday and will probably start against the Varsity stick men. Captain Cumings at goal, Pratt and Coady in the defense positions, Chase at center, and Hamlen and Gross wings, will be the probable team to face the conquerors of Dartmouth, Boston College, and Boston University at the start of the game. Coady, who started his first game this season against McGill, worked well in combination with Pratt. Clark will undoubtedly be used at one defense post during the contest and Scott will probably replace Chase at the pivot position during a portion of the time. Harding, Zarakov and Durant are the reserves most likely to get into action at the wing positions.

Forward Line Flashy

Coach Bigelow sent his men through a short drill yesterday with no serious scrimmage. The Crimson skaters have displayed some dazzling speed in the forward line recently, and outskated the McGill speedsters during the greater part of the game last Saturday.

The Toronto sextet has been resting since its strenuous first week in this country during which it won four games by decisive scores. The highest score which it has turned in was in the last game against Dartmouth, when the Canadians rolled up ten goals without any apparent effort, while holding their opponents scoreless.

Hudson, the Varsity right wing, and Captain Sullivan who guards the net for the Northerners, are the outstanding stars. In the Dartmouth game, the Toronto defense men skated leisurely back after losing the puck, while Sullivan stopped several shots in succession without visible effort. He is remarkable for his coolness under fire and has only been scored on twice in the four games which his team has played here.

Coach Smythe of the Varsity is handicapped slightly by having no defense reserves. Porter and Wright have played through every game, however and seem to have no trouble in holding up under the pace. Sullivan relieves them of much of the burden of defense by his phenontenal goal tending. Both individually and as a team, the ice men from the North have performed brilliantly and will be heavy favorites tomorrow night if they continue in their present form.

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