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Only 250 candidates reported at the initial turnout of track men at Soldiers Field yesterday. There was a notable dearth of Freshmen among the men who showed up.

Coach E. L. Farrell addressed the gathering and outlined the training rules. "The first and one of the biggest obstacles of the squad in the early season is the conquest of that old rival studies," declared Farrell, "and we must strive to overcome this factor which always forces us to lose some of our best prospects."

Calls for Cooperation

Captain W. L. Tibbetts '26, of the 1926 cinder team called the attention of the candidates to the necessity for cooperation with the coaches with the management, and with each other.

The third speaker was Manager S. deJ. Osborne '26, who cited the precautions to be taken in procuring equipment tickets for the meets and the filling out of eligibility cards.

A schedule of events, to be followed for the present, was given out at the meeting. The men have been asked to report as follows: 1.45 o'clock, hurdlers, pole vaulters and javelin men; 2 o'clock, high jumpers; 2.15 o'clock, sprinters;; 2.30 o'clock, broad jumpers; 2.45 o'clock quarter milers; 3.15 o'clock, middle distance men; 3.45, long distance men; 4.15 o'clock shot putters; 4.45 o'clock, discus throwers; 5.15 o'clock hammer throwers.

Training Table Enlarged

Additions have been made to the training table, which was started last evening at the Varsity Club. Twenty men are on the list, which has been made up as follows: P. E. Berglund '26, J. H. Broome '26, B. G. Burbank '28, Edmund Burke '26, H. W. Burns '28, E. F. Clark '28, S. M. Clark '26, L. O. Combs '26, E. C. Haggerty '27, S. B. Jones '26, C. G. T. Lundell '27, R. G. Luctmann '28, J. M. Potter '26, C. A. Pratt '28, D. J. Quirk '28, E. P. Renouf '28, K. P. Smith '27, W. L. Tibbets '26, and J. N. Watters '26.

The time trials, scheduled for today, have been postponed. The men who were expected to turn in good performances did so in their first workout yesterday, especially P. E. Berglund '26, who hurled the 35-pound hammer over 50 feet.

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