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Ivan Mestrovic, a Jugo Slav sculptor of international reputation has loaned one piece of statuary, two carved wood paneis and six drawings to the Fogg Art Museum. In addition the Jugo Slav Government has loaned a marble portrait statue by the sculptor of his mother.

These works of art will be on exhibition at the Museum for about a month it was announced by E. W. Forbes '95, Director of the Museum.

Was Hill Shepherd

Ivan Mestrovic was born in 1883 in Slavonia. He received little better early schooling than was given other peasant boys of his age. For several years he tended sheep in Dalmatia for his Croatian parents. Later he moved to Spalato where he was apprenticed to a master mason. He then determined to become a sculptor and managed to scrape together sufficient funds for study in Vienna. In 1902 his first public exhibition was held. Since then his works have appeared several times in America and in all the great centers of Europe. Mestrovic is now Rector of the Academy of Art at Zagreb.

Greatest Phenomenon

Rodin said of him, "Mestrovic is the greatest phenomenon amongst the sculptors". Speaking of the Jugo Slav artist, James Bone. Director of the Modern Art Gallery of the British Museum, has said, "In sculpture an artist must have a message if he is to be known to his generation. He must also have unusual resolution and initiative on account of the practical disadvantages of intractable and costly material and the scarcity of commissions. So under modern conditions there are few sculptors with reputation, and the advent of a new genius is a matter of real importance to Europe, and calls for exceptional honors."

"Of the works now on exhibition at Fogg Museum the most important are the marble portrait statue of Mestrovic's mother and the bronzed plaster nude entitled 'Memories', said Director Forbes. "The two carven wood panels. 'The Unhappy Angel' and 'Boy' are illustrative of the type of work being done by several modernist supporters."

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