The committee for the Sophomore smoker has been appointed, according to a statement by W. G. Saltonstall '28, president of the class, and negotiations are now under way to complete arrangements for the affair, which will be held in the Living Room of the Union directly after the midyear examinations. The date will be announced later.

The committee which will handle the smoker consists of the following members of the class: W. L. Saltonstall, chairman, Eduardo Andrade, J. W. Baldwin, D. P. Donaldson, J. C. Dreier, W. C. Harris, W. B. Jones, P. H. Nitze, C. Pforzheimer, J. L. Pool F. H. Van Peski and Moses Williams.

Functions in Groups

The committee has been divided into three groups, each of which is to be handled by one of the class officers. The speakers will be received by three men under Saltonstall, Pool will be in charge of the music, and the entertainment end will be handled by Jones.

Only one of the speakers at the smoker has definitely accepted the offer. W. L. Nichols '26, a member of the Student Council, and a former president of the CRIMSON, who was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship from the Massachusetts district, is to be the undergraduate speaker. Assistant Dean E. A. Whitney '17 has been invited to speak, but has not yet definitely accepted the offer. Other possibilities are being considered, but the complete list of speakers, and also the date of the smoker, have not yet been determined It seems likely that the Gold Coast Orchestra, which recently played for a Columbia record in New York, will supply the music.