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Arthur Clement, Smokeshop Philosopher, Scouts Plan of Restaurant for Students Operated by the University


For well nigh a quarter of a century the University has had a keen and sympathetic observer of her sons' manners and morals in the dapper person of Arthur Clement, smokeshop philosopher. His services to undergraduates, by no means confined to the realm of nicotine, have included such strictly extra-curricular acts as bailing erring wanderers from jail at early hours of the morning and keeping life in the indigent by timely extension of credit. His remarks anent discussed gastronomic situation at the University may therfore be regarded as words of rare wisd m prepart will, the fruit of long experience with students and their ways.

"No success will ever attend a formal University restaurant," he declared yesterday, pressing a choice Havana upon the reluctant newsgather. "Students demand variety, above all else in their food. The reason Memorial Hall failed was because the fare got to be institutional. The certainty of baked beans on Wednesday and Saturdays becomes perfectly intolerable to men. Now here in may place. . . . .

"The doctors are right when they censure the kinds of food students preer, but no eating place operated by the college can ever remedy this for long. The only way to improve the situation is by educating the students themselves to at bran or bone meal or whatever it is the doctors say is necessary.

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