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After Meeting with Harvard Admin on ‘Swatting’ Attack, Black Student Leaders Say Demands Remain Unanswered

Rah! Rah! Rah!



In spite of the fact that our worthy contemporary, the Harvard Crimson, disapproves of football rallies, we are going to have one tonight. With the snug dignity which permeates the whole Cambridge atmosphere, which drips unceasingly from the mouldy eyes of the historic old brick jails that crowd the notorious. 'Hawvad Yawd' with that serious, ness and intensity of purpose that clouds the wrinkled brew of her youngest son. 'The Crime' has come out with the characteristic statement that football rallies are puerile. This is beside the point. They establish an atmosphere and create a feeling that pervades the whole college and is bound to have its psychological effects on the team, if not produced and felt before the game, at least in its course of the nature of the cheering.

Unfortunately, we cannot gloat upon our record thus far, we pass over the events of the last week with a sigh of regret and sob for those who are lost to us. We turn towards the future as relieved as the player who gets a new lease of life after the loaded bases have been emptied by a timely home-run into the right-field bleachers after a long period of suspense. Now we face a new batter and can stand afresh. We have a fine opportunity in the rally tonight to warm up our voices in preparation for a thorough workout in the Bowl tomorrow. Yale Daily News   Oct. 29.

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