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The coming musical season in Boston promises to be extremely interesting and indeed quite novel. Instead of the usual lethargic progress of events in Symphony Hall, a veritable battle seems imminent a battle which must awaken even the most somnolent of music patrons.

Monsieur Agide Jaechia, late conductor of the Pops Concerts, is now in Boston with his fighting spirit keyed to a high pitch. Ever since his resignation as conductor of the Symphony Orchestra last spring, he has borne an intolerable dislike for Symphony officials which has carried over until its odium rests upon the head of Serge Koussevitzky. Now Jacchia intends to give public expression to his grudge by starting a rival orchestra.

What an interesting season this assures the public! M. Jacchia will group around him musicians on whom he will impress his own dislike for the rival organization. He will then rehearse these men for the sole diabolical purpose of outdoing his enemy. It will be a competition of genius, not for pecuniary gain but for the sake of art--and for revenge.

The Symphony Orchestra will have to rise to a defense. The baten of Mr. Koussevitzky will wave overtime in rehearsals. The notes of his orchestra will march bravely out to meet the oncoming horde of Mr. Jacchia's invaders. It will be a battle to the finish, with the end of the season finding the musicians looking more like soldiers returned from a strenuous campaign than the well-fed members of refined and select orchestras.

It will be a merry row for all concerned. All that is lacking is some musical Tex Rickard who can promote this battle of music in the best way possible --that and a city official. C'est la guerre, Bostonians, c'est la guerre.

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