Salome Seeks Psalm Singers at Harvard--25 Sack Cloth and Ash Men Wanted for Two Weeks Pilgrimage in Boston

Though the Pilgrim Fathers founded Massachusetts and literally filled the woods hereabouts in the early history of the colonies, immigration and the growth of cities have worked to render the Pilgrim so rare an avis in Boston now-a-days that the Jewett Players have been forced to advertise for a shipment.

A phone call from Mr. Jewett late last night brought to light the above mentioned scarcity, which if it continues, will prevent the production of the Repertory's "Salome", featuring one of the Braggiotti's which one Mr. Jewett did not reveal.

"What I want," said Mr. Jewett, "is 23 Harvard men to act as super pilgrims. I mean pilgrims that are supers, not especially good pilgrims. They've got to look good in sack cloth, and they must be able to sing, or at least chant."

Any men who are interested, Mr. Jewett asked to report to his theatre on Huntington Avenue, near Massachusetts Avenue, at 7 o'clock tonight. The pilgrims who reach the Jerusalem of the casting manager's approval, will be allowed to bask in the radiated glory of Miss Braggiott; no less than eight times a week: six times in the evening and on the afternoons of Thursday and Saturday.

If the pilgrimage tonight yields a sufficient crop of penitents, the opening of "Salome" will take place next Monday, and continue for two weeks.

Before ringing off, Mr. Jewett denied the tumor that Miss Braggiotti had became engaged to a former super of hers during the summer. "Maybe its one of the others," he said, 'but not my 'Salome.'"