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After some statistical research in the various departments of the University, it was determined by a CRIMSON representative yesterday that 6340 students of Harvard out of a total enrollment of 7997 men do not attend any one eating establishment out forage for their daily provender among the restaurants around the Square.

In a previous survey it was determined that 3100 men ate at the six leading cafeterias in the vicinity of the yard. Accordingly, 3240 students still remain whose feeding habits and obscure. Whether this vast army of students does its own culinary work, or fasts, or dines in Boston, or consents itself with banquets at "The Bits" cannot be definitely ascertained.

The figures compiled reveal that the 24 eating clubs at Harvard take care of 470, the Freshman Dining Halls 700 men and the Graduate School Eating Clubs and boarding house 487 men each day. This makes a total of 1657 students who are provided for daily by regular dining establishments.

From this data it is apparent that the nuclear group of 500 eaters, declared to be essential to the success of any Common dining hall by the Comptroller's Office, can be recruited from a roving force of 6000. The Harvard Union has demonstrated that a University Dining hall based on voluntary attendance can succeed in spite of cafeteria competition. The Union attracts only a portion of the nomad horde; the majority wanders, at large inadequately and irregularly food.

The Business School Dining Halls when they are opened will take care of 725 students across the river.

This will leave over 5400 men to be considered by essay writers in the CRIMSON contest as potential patrons of a University Commons. There is little doubt but that these men would support a project to remedy their gastronome plight. The time and the hour for a change are at hand, all that is needed is a practicable plan. The College has signified its willingness to respond to undergraduate demand respond in a definite way.

The CRIMSON prize essay contest provides the medium for students to express their suggestions.

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