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A Harvard Message



A Harvard friend wrote to me last week and told me that one of the things that remained most vividly in his memory was his visit to the Harvard chapel in Southwark Cathedral. He asked me if I would go and look up an entry for him in the visitors' book which is kept at the entrance to the chapel.

I had almost forgotten the chapel was there, and it was with some curiosity that yesterday I went to the cathedral. When I arrived the great building was lonely as a mountain.

I found the little chapel in the north transept burled deep among the shadows and the silence. It was light enough to read the bronze tablet: "This chapel was restored in 1907 in memory, of John Harvard by the sons and friends of Harvard University." and, opposite, another tablet, saying that the window was given by Joseph Choate, Harvard, 1862: American Ambassador in London 1899-1905."

I found in the visitors' book the entry my friend wanted, and was interested to see that in the end column, headed "Date of graduation." many of the recent young Harvard visitors had put 1927, 1928, and even 1929. It is to be hoped that their ability and industry will be such that no examiner will make the prophecies go wrong--London Evening News, November 23, 1926.

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