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Though winter track has not yet officially started, already most of the veterans and new men are working in the old baseball cage under the tutelage of Head Coach Farrell and his assistants, Mikkola and Donovan. Those who have won their major H and are out again this year are: A. H. Miller '27 and C. G. Lundell '27, both dash men; J. S. Ballantyne '27, a hurdler, A. H. O'Neil '28, a half-miler, Captain E. C. Haggerty '27, a miler; Donald Quirk '28, a broad jumper; C. A. Pratt '28, a shot-putter; and F. A. Clark '28 and B. G. Burbank '28, two pole-vaulters. Football players are conspicuous both as veterans and candidates. They are with the exception of A. H. Miller '27, almost all out for the weight events. B. H. Strong '28, a candidate for the hurdles, and David Guarnaccia '29, a dash man are the only other men who have won their H in football who are out for the dashes. Those competing in the weight events who have seen service in a Princeton or Yale football game are: C. A. Pratt '28, a veteran shot-putter, C. M. Lindner '37, W. C. Goodwin '29, Daniel Simonds '28, and B. L. Kilgour '27, A. E. French '29, is a candidate for the broad-jumping event.

48 Candidates Working Out

In all, 48 men have turned out of whom eight are winners of the major H for football. The cross country team, composed of Edward A. Gordon '27, T. L. Mayhew '27, Capt. E. C. Haggerty '27, L. J. Novograd '27, J. L. Reid '29, and A. S. Woodworth '29, who all received their minor H, are out at this unofficial practice. This group of cross-country runners won the last Big Three meet on November 12 and won fourth place in the Intercollegiate cross-country meeting.

There are still some men who have not put in an appearance at the cage, however; and Coach Farrell desires that they come out as soon as it is convenient.

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