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The following review of the Instrumental Club's concert which took place last night in Brattle Hall, was written for the Crimson by Professor Edward Burlingame Hill '94 of the University's Music Department, Professor Hill remarked on finishing his review that it was distinctly a relief to attend a concert which was obviously not "highbrow." The review follows:

To one acquainted only with college musical activities from the standpoint of the Glee Club, the Pierian Sodality and the Musical Club, the amount of talent, skill and spontaneous musical feeling, the varied combinations presented at the Instrumental Club concert are truly astonishing and a matter of high compliment to all concerned.

The consummate variety of the program might in itself be a worthy object of study and admiration to those concerned in the make-up of numbers for "high-brow" concerts. The blase critic, weary from countless discussions as to the relative merits of Stravinsky and Schoenberg, of abstract and "program" music, would pass an evening in which he would feel only the highest admiration for the obvious results which careful and prolonged training had brought in the maintenance of high, technical standards, a spontaneous ensemble and a genuine interpretive ability.

In view of the general high standard of excellence it would be almost invidious to particularize. Nevertheless, in justice one must remark upon the humorous insight evident in Mr. Henderson's "Piano Specialty", the rhythmic swing of the Mandolin Club's performance of the Strauss waltz, the excellent numbers furnished by the Gold Coast Orchestra, including the inimitably accurate German band, the unusually fine violin solos by W. Lind, the highly diverting ventriloquist dialogue by M. Perry, the virtuosity of Mr. Benfield upon the marimba xylophone, and Mr. Moynahan's fantastic dance. Against these high lights furnished by individuals, the Banjo Club, the Vocal Cub and the Mandolin Club provided a background of attractive numbers interpreted with unvarying skill. To the directors and the individual members congratulations are in order.

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