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Pending the completion of plans which at some future date may mean the establishment of a vocational office having some connection with the graduate school and alumni employment offices, the work which for the last two years has been carried on by the Committee on Choice of Vocations will be handled this year through the Dean's office. Dean Greenough has sent to every undergraduate who expects to get his degree this June a questionaire like that of last year asking about his plans after he leaves college.

Dean's Letter Explains Plans

The letter which accompanies this questionaire explains the plans of the Dean's office in regard to this work: "The members of this office will be glad to make available for undergraduates such resources as are at hand for giving information about the occupations which undergraduates consider entering. It is expected that in some cases the information secured from these questionaires will be used to enable them to meet prospective employers, although this office does not undertake to place students in permanent positions. In this connection, your attention is called to the Appointment Office of the Harvard Alumni Association at 50 State Street, Boston, which places many graduates permanently, and to the University Appointment Office, 11 University Hall, where men who wish to teach may be able to secure positions. The return of the questionaire is, of course, optional, but since the answers will be used for statistical purposes, it is important that replies should be returned even though many may have already decided upon their future work.

"Mr. Mayo, Assistant Dean in charge of the Senior Class, and Mr. Leighton, who has been Secretary of the Committee on Choice of Vocations, will gladly consult with students at any time. And, if requested, will try to bring them into touch with men actively engaged in professional or business life with whom they may talk over their future plans."

Union Lectures Omitted

The chief difference in the work this year from the work of the former committee will be in the omission of the series of lectures in the Union which was formerly the most noticable feature of the vocational program. Although these lectures were of undoubted value in showing students new phases of the vocations discussed, they failed to offer any adequate solution of individual difficulties. In view of this defect the men in charge of the work this year have decided to substitute for these general lectures a series of group talks and individual conferences. The attempt will be to get men experienced in various fields to talk with the students who expressed their especial interest in those fields. Although this part of the program is not entirely new the group meetings and individual conferences are distinctive this year from last through the increased emphasis which is being laid on them.

Individual Is Emphasized

"The difference between last year's system and this year's is much the same as that between the lecture and the conference or sectional system in a large lecture there is little chance for the personal contact between the speaker and the student which the individual conference affords". Dean Greenough said in a discussion on the matter with a CRIMSON reporter.

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