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Lobster, Donkey and Dove Roles Were Found Easy by Stanley Lupino--Comedian Is Enthusiastic About Charlot's Revue


"The only use that I could possibly make of a coon-skin coat is to cover my embarrassing set of knock-knees," was the statement issued by Stanley Lupino yesterday to a CRIMSON reporter, when questioned as to his opinion on Fanny Brice's recent lament for a fur coat. "I might use such a coat in a game of hide-and-seek," he added.

"Yes, I am English," the comedian of the "Naughty Riquette" company admitted, "and all that remains for me is to apologize for that fact.

"Once", continued Mr. Lupino, in relating some of the comic aspects of his stormy theatrical career. "I played the part of a lobster in a fairy story. I was only a child then, but, when I reached the age of 17 or 18, I played in a pantomine theatre where I impersonated successively the giants baby; a donkey, which was not difficult; and a little dove. When I once entered an acrobatic troupe. I received only $2 a week and 'food found'. Needless to say, every one found it except me!

"I am extremely perplexed concerning that subject," was his answer to a query concerning his nationality. "You see, it is this way. My father was Irish, and my mother Jewish, so I am undecided as to whether I should have celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday, or whether I shall hall the arrival of Passover next month.

"To what do I attribute the success of Charlot's Review in America? My explanation is that it is subtle and it is minute, and is sprinkled with good, wholesome humor. It is the best of recent revues, and appeals to the American love for something different.

"The Hoffman girls," but there the interview halted for Mrs. Lupino had cast a warning glance in the direction of the comic Mr. Lupino, and thereby stopped any disclosure of further interesting facts.

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