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Even professors get the Wanderlust at times and stray from the straight and narrow of their academic paths. Professor Young has left his own rostrum to shed light on international matters in Geneva but at 9 o'clock this morning he is going to visit Economics 2 in Harvard 1, where he will discuss the problems of money and banking in England that were caused by the wandering around Europe of Corsica's most famous citizen. It is only fair for me to make the retort courteous to my most illustrious disciple and vagabond with him.

At 10 o'clock, I shall leave money for music, overdrafts for over tones. Berlioz and Liszt will be played in the Music Building, offered by Professor Spalding to Music 4. Noon will find me back in Emerson A, listening to Professor Demos on the intriguing subject: "Is Morality an Art?" I know a story about that--but never mind. Before my young ideals were drowned in printer's ink. I used to thing that vagabondage was an art but, hardened copy writer now. I may have to call morality my only art. So I hope Professor Demos finds it is one.

In the Riverbank Court. Memorial Drive, I am going to lean back complacently in my chair at 1 o'clock and listen to two greater vagabonds than I, expound principles on which my life is based. Glenn Frank has wandered from Wisconsin to talk on "The Revolt Against Education" and Sir John Adams has strayed across the Atlantic to give his ideas on "The Now Individualism in Education." They are both charter members of the famous order.

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