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In the eighteenth century, when a novel appeared, the public used to spend about two months reading it. When the good people of Amesbury-on-the-Tyne, or some other center of learning had finally turned the last page of Richardson's tale, they would ring the village bell to celebrate the tidings that Pamela retained her virtue to the end!

The shorter stories of the nineteenth century would not support such intense interest. Today a whole story can often be read in the waiting room of a dentist. But the readers of the Boston Traveller know that men and women of English speech have not lost their appreciation for a two, three or even five month romance at least.

It was six months ago, at least, that Carlos the Crook tried to inveigle the lion-hearted Andy Gump into buying fake oil stock. And about a month later the same scoundrel, Carlos, treacherously stole the modest bank roll of the fair Widow Zander.

Hour examinations found the luckless Widow struggling hard to keep body and soul together. At Christmas time Uncle Bim blew into town. Carlos and his female accomplice, Carlotta, spent the whole month of January in laying a snare for the big hearted millionaire. At the beginning of February the trap was sprung so that the story took on a most exciting finale which culminated last Saturday when the lion-hearted Andy held Carlos and Carlotta at the point of his gun until the police arrived.

Sighs of relief can now sweep the literary world, since it is known that Uncle Bim is no longer in danger and that the Widow Zander is no longer in poverty. Let the nearest belfry broadcast the tidings that Uncle Bim retained his money to the end!

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