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Announcement has recently been made of the John Simon Guggenheim Fellows for the year 1926 to 1927. An appropriation of $100,000 for the assistance of 37 young American scholars and artists has been made among whom are four Harvard teachers, giving the University the lead over all other Institutions in the number of Fellows chosen from its staff. The four Harvard men who have been given awards are Dr. Kenneth John Conant '15, Dr. Ralph Monroe Eaton Ph. D. '15, Dr. Edwin Crawford Kemble G. '17, and Dr. Walter Sliz '17.

The Guggenheim Foundation, established a year ago with a fund of $3,000,000 by former United States Senator and Mrs. Simon Guggenheim as a memorial to their son, offers to young productive scholars and artists of the country opportunities to carry on research and creative work chiefly abroad. Applicants are required to present definite projects for research in a given field or knowledge, or for creative work in some one of the fine arts.

Conant to Make Church Drawings

Dr. Conant, Assistant Professor of Architecture in the University, was appointed a Fellow for the purpose of making an authoritative set of drawings of three Romanesque churches of France. These are the Abbey Church of Cluny, the Church of St. Martin at Tours, and the Church of St. Martial at Limoges.

These buildings, important in the history of art, are not accessible to ordinary study because of alterations which have been made upon them, or destruction.

Dr. Eaton, Assistant Professor of Philosophy has been appointed to make a study of the theory of knowledge in its relation to logic and metaphysics, principally with Professor Husserl at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and also for the writing in English of a critical account of Professor Husserl's philosophy.

A great for researches into the topology of the interior of the atom, has been awarded to Dr. Kemble, Assistant Professor of Physics. Dr. Kemble's investigations will be principally with Professor Sommerfeld at the University of Munich, Germany, and Professor Neils Bohr. at Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr. Walter Six, Instructor in German, was appointed to make a study of Heinrich von Kleist, aiming at a literary delimitation of Kleist, the establishment of his relationship to his literary contemporaries and predecessors, and of his place in German literary history.

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