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At the meeting of the Instrumental Clubs held last night in the Phillips Brooks House the new officers for the clubs were elected. Richard Thomas Flood '27 of Brookline was chosen President; Thorndike Dudley Howe '28 of Boston was elected Vice-president and William Brewster '28 of Lewisbury, West Virginia, Manager. Further elections were those of John Hill Monroe '27 of Brookline, Secretary-treasurer; John Casper Dreier '28 of Brooklyn, N. Y. Librarian William Charles Harris '28 of Chestnut Hill, Leader of the Banjo Club; Richard Bell Schneider '27 of Binghamton, N. Y. Leader of the Mandolin Club; Charles Edward '28 of Jamaica Plain, Leader of the Gold Coast Orchestra, and Arthur Andrews Holbrook '28 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Leader of Vocal Club.

After the meeting was called to order, a favorable report on the work of the last few years was read by the retiring president D. C. Gates '26. Plans of the Clubs were laid out for the future, as well as the policy governing trips, finances, personal, standards and so forth. Reports were also made by R. F. C. Varce '26 retiring manager, G. E. Smith '26, treasurer and W. R. Chase '26, leader of the Vocal Club.

Gold Watch to Gates

During the meeting W. R. Chase '26 in behalf of the clubs presented D. C. Gates '26 with a gold watch as a token of his leadership as president which has brought the Clubs to their present high standard of excellence.

In addition to elections and reports the clubs voted the incorporation of the Gold Coast Orchestra, which will put this unit on an equal basis with the Banjo, Mandolin and Vocal Clubs, and make its leader automatically a member of the Instrumental Clubs Committee.

The Gold Coast Orchestra was originally an offspring of the Instrumental Clubs and took its present form last fall. It first came into prominence at that time when it made a Columbia victrola record in New York.

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