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Arrangements for the reproduction on the east pediment of Holden Chapel of the sculptured group, which now appears on the west side, have been completed. This announcement was made yesterday, simultaneous with the appearance of scaffolding for preliminary work on the west side. The contract for the sculpture has been given by the University Planning Board to John Evans and Company, of Boston Carvers.

Model Already Finished

Mr. Evans, when questioned as to the probable outline of the work, said, "The first step has already been taken, in the erection of a scaffolding on the west side, so that we can get the measurements of the figures on that pediment. The cutting on the new group has to be done, of course, in our shop. We have the model almost finished, from which the final woodcarving must be done.

"I can't say how soon we will be ready to put the new carvings up", continued Mr. Evans, "for we shall have to make several rapirs on the east pediment itself, so that I should say it would be a month or so before we are ready for the final part of the work."

The sculpture which is at present on the west pediment represents the seal of the Holden family, surrounded by the figures of cherubs, and angels. It is probably the oldest bit of wood carving existing in the University.

The Chapel itself was built in 1742 and has had a varied history since then. At one time it served both as a chapel and a class room building for all the students in the college, despite the fact that it is now the smallest of the University buildings.

Faced West At First

In the original plan of Harvard college it faced west, being opposite Massachusetts Hall. The ground behind it, which is now the College Yard, was at that time nothing more than a cow pasture. As the yard grew up, however, and the tendency in new buildings was to face into it, the old entrance to Holden Chapel was changed to the east side.

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