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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Allow me to add my voice to the doubtless already large group of protestors against the treatment accorded to graduates who were so foolish as to give their time to a visit back to the University on May 1. Although I live in the Middle West, I happened, fortunately, to be in New York and so count it only as a day wasted, but it was annoying and a disgrace to Harvard.

It is hard, for one who lived in the good old days when John, the Orangeman assuaged the undergraduate palate, to come back and find everything so changed. Not only architecturally,--there is a horrible spick-span new pile on the site of old Dane Hall with its pleasant lived buttresses, and not a trace of the moss-grown old pump remains but in the undergraduate attitude, all is bustle and commercialism, coldness, and discourtesy. I asked two young snobs with Dickey ties to direct me to the headquarters of the Graduate Day Committee. Their only reply was a shrug and "So's your old man". Except for old Max Keezer, I did not meet a single friendly or civil person in Cambridge and I left in disgust before noon.

If this is the "indifference" that Harvard is so proud of, then I, for one, have had enough of it. I have decided that whatever college my son goes to, it will not be Harvard. Many other graduates I know are of the same opinion. G. O. Carpenter '02.

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