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Lampoon Zanies Bite Dust to Traditional Score of 23-2-- Crimson Players Pierce Percolator Defense in Pinches


The CRIMSON nine, playing with traditional verve and usual form vanquished the lampoon ball bouncers 23 to 2 on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon.

This is the fifty second of the series and brings joy to the hearts of those who have for so long respected the opinions of Joe Forecast '26. For that redoubtable oracle has again crashed through with she truth and nothing but by predicting even such a victory. And in future many more patrons of the diamond sport will take his words to heart, for he has brought no small change into the pockets of those who have believed him.

Bob Lampoon, pitching with the fervor and skill of years' experience reached great heights, not to mention the home plate, with the pitch of excellence. But the legion of CRIMSON bats was as impenetrable as the Old Howard on Saturday night and victory perched not upon the Ibis's bough.

Among those present at the game from realms of sport and society were certain members of the Revere Beach Fire Department to whom the Jampoon management had given free tickets. These made a merry scene with their flaming helmets and firey hose. The belle of the party was Miss Cupola of Mt. Auburn Street who was surrounded by a ring of spectators at all times.

In spite of dubions umpiring and the other minor faults of any such combat a good time was enjoyed by all and it is hoped that this may not be the last delightful and edifying outing.

The summary follows:

Batieries: Yes.

Assaults: Several.

Errors: Sh-h-h.

Umpire: Dube.   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 Crimson  9  6  7  3  4  7  1  6  --  23 Lampoon  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  --  2

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