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Former contestants returning to the track and field championships which mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 1. C. A. A. A. A. face a strenuous two days, today and tomorrow. W. F. Garcelon '94 heads a committee which has invited all former participants to attend and has made elaborate preparations for the reception and entertainment of the 400 who are expected to turn up for the occasion.

The first organized event will be a dinner given at the Algonquin Club this evening, at which each diner will receive a certificate setting forth achievements in former meets. After a number of songs led by Henry McDevitt of Dartmouth, the Veterans' Division will be organized. Speeches, mainly reminiscent in character will be succeeded by the solemn process of making out the dope sheet for tomorrow's contest.

"Old-Timers' Hour" has been set at 2 o'clock tomorrow, when a parade with a brass band will take place. Next will come the raising of the newly-adopted flag by 4-A, officials, to be followed by a race on old-fashioned bicycles, an exhibition walking race, and a half-mile run.

These events participated in by former stars, will be serious in nature. Spice in the half mile will be supplied by G. M. Hammond, Columbia '77, who performed in that year the feat of winning the 440 and 880, besides placing second in the mile. Mr. Hammond has run a mile twice a week for the past five years and six years ago served on the Olympic fencing team.

In the bicycle race, C. A. Reed of Columbia, a former wizard on the wheel, will burn the cinders once more from a precarious height. Reed captured the bicycle title in 1881 and in 1883 and came back for second place in 1884.

Among the former stars who will attend the meet are Henry Pennypacker '88, winner of the shotput in 1888, now chairman of the Athletic Committee, A. L. Endicott '94, former walking star and present Bursar of the University, W. S. Morse '99, who took honors in the low hurdles in 1897, 1898, and 1899, and now holds the position of Comptroller, and Professor Samuel Williston of the Law School, who rode in second in the two mile bicycle race of 1881. G. C. Webb of Columbia, the first I. C. 4-A president, and E. C. Stimson of Dartmouth, double winner in 1876, will also be present.

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