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Speaking before a full meeting of the student advisors for 1926-27 last night, W. E. Soule '27, chairman of the Freshman advisory committee, outlined in detail the plans of the advisory body for next year.

May Not Select Adviser

The most revolutionary alteration affecting the advisory board, declared Soule, is in the relation of the adviser to his wards. No longer may Freshmen select an adviser, as in the past. The selection will henceforth be purely automatic, since advisers are to be assigned to entries in the Freshman Halls.

An added function of next year's advisory Board will be to give assistance to foreign students in the University.

"The reason for these changes," explained Soule, "is that last year's committee became convinced of the unwieldiness of so large an advisory board. Meetings were possible very rarely and few advisors took the pains to keep in touch with their advisers. The new system, however, is calculated to overcome these defects."

Fifty Juniors Appointed

Amyas Ames, Eduardo Andrade, W. C. Atwater, R. C. Beresford, R. McP. Blair-Smith, R. D. Bolster, S. I. Bowditch, H. W. Bragdon, L. D. Brayton, J. G. Buckley, W. M. Bumps, J. P. Chase, E. F. Clark, F. B. Cutts, Franklin Dexter, D. P. Donaldson, J. C. Dreier, Ogden Driggs, R. T. Dunn, Erlund Field, A. O. Fordyce, D. L. Garirson, W. C. Harris, H. E. Heard, H. N. Higinbotham, R. B. Hocking, A. A. Holbrook, T. D. Howe Jr. R. I. Hunneman, W. R. Huntington, E. R. Jackson, V. O. Jones, W. B. Jones, R. K. Lamb, R. G. Luttman, William Medders, William Mulford, A. H. O'Neil, K. A. Perry, C. H. Pforzheimer, E. VonP Renouaf, F. M. Roberts, W. G. Salton stall, R. B. Sanger, Howard Swan, C. R. Turney, M. B. Wells, Moses Williams, and S. S. Wilson.

Twenty Sophomores Hold Office

A. G. Churchill, G. M. Churchill, H. I. Cobb III, A. E. French Jr., R. P. Hardy, J. C. Hubbard, James Lawrence Jr. Arthur Mills, T. G. Moore, W. W. Neff, C. MeK Norton, C. H. Olmsted, K. D. Robinson, E. W. Sexton, R. A. Stout, B. W. Stevens, R. W. Thayer, P. S. Wise.

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