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Hide and Seek



To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Of late there has been no great stir about the nocturnal activities of yard cops and other University dignitaries who derive such immense pleasure from having cars towed around Cambridge while the innocent owners sleep. I really believe such foolishness to be a thing of the past until this morning. I discovered I myself had been victimized. A Ford, which I had left behind Claverly Hall in violation of a seldom-enforced rule had disappeared. Of course, theft seemed the most plausible explanation at first, but a few anxious minutes of inquiry disclosed the annoying truth My subsequent round of travel exposed me to master-pieces of red tape. Only after being shunted around from Church Street to Lehman Hall, and from there back to two garages on Church Street, ore of which had to sign the release for the other, was I finally permitted to drive away the miscreant automobile for the nominal sum of $3.35. Everyone connected with this larceny assured me that the money goes entirely to the garage which towed the Ford three blocks, and the garage which kept in its back yard overnight.

I should like to see this quasi-humorous method of solving the parking problem defended, through the CRIMSON by those who have authorized it: and I should like to know why a minor infringement of a parking rule must be dealt with so awkwardly. Even if a satisfactory explanation is provided, at least transgressors in the future will have fair warning what risks they are incurring. And if the sponsors of this system are very above board, perhaps they may bodly set a set of suggestions for recovery within one hour on occasions when the owner is in a hurry! Charles E. Henderson '28 s

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