Seniors Take 568 Degrees, of Which Over One-Quarter Are Given With Distinction

A gay and colorful crowd packed Sever Quadrangle this morning to see 1625 degrees awarded by the University at the close of its two-hundred and ninetieth year. This number is the largest to be conferred at any single Commencement in the history of Harvard University.

Seniers in the College, students in the various graduate schools and the recipients of honorary degrees were all included in the list of diplomas. 568 degrees went to undergraduates in the College, 418 receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts; while 89 took the Bachelor of Science degree. A higher percentage of these than ever before received the degree with distinction, 141 taking the Arts degree with honors, and 31 receiving Bachelor of Science diplomas with the coveted Latin words of praise.

Award 10 Honorary Degrees

Ten of the degrees awarded were given as Honorary degrees, and of these, eight were given to men who already hold degrees from the University. Charles Francis Dorr Belden '95, Librarian of the Boston Public Library, and Frederick Summer Mead '87, former Comptroller of the University, were awarded honorary degrees of Master of Arts. The Degree of Doctor of Laws was awarded to six men, Joseph Lee '83, philanthropist and social service worker, George Gray Sears '85, physician, Thomas Nelson Perkins '91, lawyer and international economist, John Hansen Thomas Main, President of Grinnel College, George Fisher Baker '99, financier, and Andrew William Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury.

In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 220 men took degrees. Masters of Arts numbered 172, 65 became Doctors of Philosophy, and two men became Associates in Arts. The Engineering School graduated 27 Bachelors of Science, with 25 masters in various branches of engineering sciences, and two Doctors of Science.

Takes Fay Diploma

Women numbered 13 among the 63 recipients of Master's degrees from the School of Education. Two more women placed among the 14 Doctors of Education created today. The Law School graduated 273 Bachelors of Law, two Musters of Law, and 17 Doctors of the Science of Jurisprudence. The Fay Diploma, the highest honor awarded annually in the Law School, was given to David Farquhar Cavers, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, of Buffalo New York Other departments of the University granted degrees in lesser numbers.

The highest academic distinction that can be won by a graduate of Harvard College, a degree "Summa sum Laude", was shared by seven men, as compared to the 15 who won it last year. These men were Eliot Morris Bailen of Dorcheter, George William Cottrell Jr. of Cleveland, O., Lester Ginsburg of Dorchester, Henry Melvin Hart Jr. of Spokane. Wash., Stanley Jasspon Kunitz of Worcester, Philip Edward Moseley of Westfield, and Norman Schur of Cambridge. Hart was Editorial Chairman of the CRIMSON, and a member of the Student Council Committee on Education. Moseley is an editor of the CRIMSON.