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Edward A. Stevens, for the past three seasons Head Coach of the University crew, tendered his resignation to the Harvard Athletic Association yesterday afternoon with the provision that it take effect immediately.

William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics accepted Mr. Stevens' resignation, and announced the appointment of H. H. Haines, at present coach of the Freshman Crew, as Head Coach for the balance of the season.

Lack of Cooperation Cause

Mr. Stevens gave as his reasons for this drastic step a "lack of cooperation on the part of the crew." The former mentor addressed the following letter to the University authorities:

"In view of the lack of cooperation on the part of the crew, it seems highly undesirable that I should attempt to continue in the present position of head coach after this date. Much as I regret this step, nothing but harm can result where clavier confidence does not exist on the part of both oarsmen and coach."


Robert Winthrop '26 issued the following statement last night: "During the three years that Coach Stevens has been here, he has given rowing at Harvard a tremendous impetus by popularizing the sport among undergraduates. Realizing, however, that there was a lack of cooperation between the various crews, and a lack of unity and leadership in the coaching system, we felt that an immediate change was imperative. In Bert Haines I am sure the crew will have the utmost confidence. The new regime should carry on the best traditions of Harvard rowing."

In replying to Mr. Stevens, Mr. Bingham "regretfully accepted the resignation: "Recognizing that conditions as they relate to the varsity crews are as described in your letter of June second, the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports has decided with regret to accept your resignation."

Mr. Stevens first came to Harvard in the fall of 1923. After the resignation of Frank Muller in 1922, a committee was appointed with John Richardson '08 as chairman to select a new coach.

With R. McK Henry '24, captain elect of the 1924 crew, this committee turned toward the West for a coach after the type of the men who had brought the Washington eights into such prominence at the Poughkeepsie regatta. After a wide search, Stevens was finally selected. Although he did not have any previous coaching experience, Mr. Stevens rowed in the Cornell varsity shell to two years in 1908 and 1909 and had achieved considerable reputation as a single sculler

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