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When questioned last night as to the accuracy of the recent rumor that E. L. Casey '19, All-American half back on the 1916 and 1919 Crimson football squads, would return to Harvard next fall as coach of the Freshman gridiron team, W. J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics, replied that Casey would in all probability return to Cambridge in some capacity but that any official appointment would depend on future action of the Athletic Committee. It is practically certain that the former University backfield star will not return to Tutts where he has acted as head coach for the last four years.

Appointment Changes Situation

The addition of Casey to the revamped coaching staff which will be headed by Arnold Horween '21 would almost certainly mean a shift in the plans which until the present were thought to be fairly settled. The appointment of H. W. Clark '23 to the position of Assistant Graduate Treasurer of the Harvard Athletic Association, following the resignation of T. J. Cambell '12 last winter seemed to point to the conclusion that Clark would also take over the Freshman coaching duties of his predecessor, although a definite appointment was never confirmed. If Casey is named by the Athletic Committee as an official member of the new coaching staff, it is expected that his capacity will be that of mentor for the first year squad and that the former Trinity coach will aid Horween as assistant with the University eleven. On the other hand it would appear logical that Casey, a teammate of the present head coach for two years and a man thoroughly familiar with his style of play: should work in more close connection with Coach Horween, as his assistant.

While in college, Casey was a member of the last Harvard eleven before the two-year interim caused by the War, and of the winning team of 1909. In 1916 the Crimson captained by H. H. Dadmun '17 defeated Princeton 3 to 0, but was defeated by Yale 6 to 3 when an Eli back recovered a fumble in the final period. The year following the war, Casey was again at his post in the backfield of the great Harvard team which downed Yale 10 to 3, and later in the season journeyed to Pasadena where it triumphed over a strong Oregon eleven by a 7 to 6 count. Although not a heavy player, Casey gained national distinction as a fast, hard driving back, who was equally dangerous on either the receiving or the throwing end of the newly developing forward passing game.

Helped With Spring Practice

Following his graduation in 1919 he went first to Mt. Union College in Ohio for a two year term as head coach, whence he went to Tufts where he completed his fourth season last fall. During the three weeks of secret practice held this spring Casey has been present daily helping Coach Horween in the rudimentary drills. Although the Crimson head coach made the statement as to his plans for next fall prier to his departure for his home in Chicago in the middle of last month, he is reported to favor the addition of Casey to his staff of helpers. No final decision will be made on Casey's exact status until the next meeting of the Athletic Committee, where it is expected that the matter will be taken up. Probably no final announcement will be made until the full list of coaches is named.

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