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A new note in what has been called "the liberal surge of undergraduates" was struck yesterday by the City College Student, the newspaper published by students of the College of the City of New York. In its last issue of the year; it painted a tabulation of the professors grading each according to his merit.

"The City College Student," runs the story, "presents in this issue a rating of the professors of the College. A group of students who are qualified by their lone similarity with many members of the Faculty have undertaken the task, and the result is given here in the hope that the grading may prove stimulating and salutarily shocking."

Ten professors were given the grade of "A", led by Professor Morris Raphael Cohen of the Philosophy Department. A some more received "B" marks, 40 were graded "O", while 15 professors were marked "IV" ten "E" and five "F". The prime consideration, it is announced has been the professor's general ability as a teacher. Personality and knowledge of the subject were considered secondary factors, while glittering, platitudinizng and liberal posing have been marked very low as creating an ephemeral and specious interest."

Professors Cohen, Paul Saurel, and Stephen P. Duggan, the three most famous men on the College of the City of New York, all received places among the first four. The last man on the list was Professor Brewster of the Mathematics Department.

The City College Student is the paper which was suppressed this winter for a protest against compulsory military training. When forbidden to continue the agitation, the editors printed the paper with a white blank where the editorial is usually run. Professor Cohen is the rather of the student who was most prominent in the military training protest.

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