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To Future Financial Wizards:

One of the greatest benefits you will derive from your training in the Harvard Business School will be the ability to realize a good thing when you see it and act accordingly. As a preliminary problem to many others which will follow in the regular course of the year the following problem has been presented to you for your immediate consideration.

Why should I insets $2.00 in a year's membership in the Business School Club?

An analysis of the problem reveals no arguments or points against such an investment, while the following issues point to an affirmative decision.

The Business School Club is the heart of the social activity of the school. Get together smokers shortly after the opening of school bring the fellows together for the first time after registration. The men meet each other and hear talks by President Lewell and the faculty which make one realize the joy of being alive and entered in a real school. Further more the associations that you form at these smokers are of inestimable value. Dances and smokers throughout the year conspire to strengthen newly formed acomintanccs which are the beginning of life-long friendships.

The Business School Club, thru its assists in forming policies of the school insofar as they effect students. Dean Donham and other officials of the Business School lock to the club as the mouthpiece of the students of the school and endeavor to carry out the desires of the students as far as possible.

No clubhouse is maintained so all dues are returned to you in the form of social activities and a voice in student affairs.

There are many other convincing facts to numerous to mention, but it is significant to note that ninety-eight per count of the total enrollment in the school believe in the Business School Club and were included in its membership last year.

This problem needs no further discussion because there is only one obvious answer. However, the solution of this problem must be complete by Registration Day, September 23d. Application for membership in the Business School Club may be made at time of registration.

I sincerely hope we can welcome you into our organization and regardless of your decision our representatives well be on hand at time of registration to assist you in every way possible. Very truly yours.   J. T. Irvine.   President.

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