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its. Colonial Georgian outlines from Cambridge to Allston is not a college; it is a university. So when one complacently views the welcomed and feted members of the freshman class in the college and forgets the poor, straggling, unoriented souls who are to form the first year classes of the graduate schools, one is not thinking of his university in true terms.

There is a belief here that a graduate student is an insect which frequents some library or other wears dirty collars, and eats at a cafeteria Nothing so makes a man an insect as to treat him like one. These graduates of other colleges who come here to profit by the knowledge which can be obtained here are not unsocial beings. In fact they often come from places where the social side of life is overstressed. Too many of them, it must be admitted, come here from the untaught hinterlands where such a composition as the letter in this column is more a custom than a grand mistake. Not one effort is made, except for those futile flairs of comradle which the Union attempts, to make them appreciate the comfort which is associated with a true Harvard existence, that comfort bred of being with active minds in social intercourse of that sort so much the heritage of the college proper.

"Those sad young men" wander about a strange Boston, a strange Harvard. And to make some gesture of despair they cheer from the opponent's side at every football game. Harvard is to them a stack privilege and the survival of the fittest, plus a meal once in a dog's age at a table bigger than a grave marker.

So much then for the status quo What can be done to help matters. The CRIMSON has a plan which it hopes will in some way make the graduate student a part of things in general a functioning entity in the social life of the university. And here it may be stated that "social" is used in a sense very remote from any connotation which implies Rotary Club affairs of Elks Balls By "social" is meant merely that appreciation of common existence in a common interest. Harvard needs no "hello fellows".

But aside from any organized attempt on the part of undergraduates to make the existence of the parvenu less uncongenial, there should be some grain of graduates of Harvard College in each professional school who could by their knowledge of Harvard and Cambridge make life less difficult, less a nightmare for these new comers. If that is impossible, then the only alternative is the continued existence of such things as the Business School Club.

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